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The security services we provide to our esteemed clients encompass two distinct categories:

1. **Covert Counter Active-Shooter Surveillance (C-CASS) and Mitigation:**


Within this specialized domain, we deliver meticulous overwatch and patron surveillance. In the unfortunate event of an active shooter or any other form of terrorist threat, we respond promptly and with the requisite force. It is important to note that our responsibilities do not extend to identity verification, assistance in security-related altercations, utilization of police powers for arrests, or the provision of legal counsel to security personnel. Our intervention is strictly limited to situations involving firearms or other lethal force.

2. **Comprehensive Patron Surveillance, Threat Assessment, Conflict De-escalation, and Conflict Resolution:**


Our second security service offering goes beyond the conventional role of a bouncer. Even when it becomes necessary to remove a patron from the premises, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. To join the STAR & SHIELD team, individuals must exemplify a superior standard of professionalism and competence.

Moreover, the evolving landscape of STAR & SHIELD promises increased prospects in the realm of executive protection. If you possess expertise in armed executive protection, we encourage you to reach out to our affiliate, SECURE OPTIONS CONSULTING.

For those interested in joining our distinguished team, please do not hesitate to contact me at the following email address: Additionally, if you hold any relevant certifications, awards, accolades, or have undergone extra training in active shooter response, SWAT operations, emergency medical services (EMS), counter-terrorism, or possess military experience, we kindly request that you include such credentials in your correspondence. Your exemplary qualifications will be duly considered.

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