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The type of site security we offer to our clients are twofold:

One is very specific. It's called Covert Counter Active-Shooter Surveillance (C-CASS) and Mitigation. 
We provide overwatch and patron surveillance and in the event of an active shooter or other terrorist threat, we address the threat with the appropriate force.
We don't check ID. We don't assist security in altercations. We don't use our police powers to affect arrests. We don't offer legal advice to security. We don't get involved in anything unless there is a gun or other deadly force is involved.

The second type of security is your basic patron surviellance, threat assessment, conflict de-escalation and conflict resolution.  We aren't going to be your basic bouncer, even if we need to remove a patron from the site.  In order to be a part of STAR & SHIELD, you're going to be better.

There will be more opportunity in executive protection in the future, as STAR & SHIELD grows as well.  If you have experience in armed executive protection, please contact our affiliate, SECURE OPTIONS CONULTING.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please contact me at:

If you have any certifications, awards, accolades, extra tactical training in active shooter, SWAT, EMS, counter terrorism, or military experience, please include that as well.



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