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Our esteemed BASIC LEO agents represent a substantial departure from the conventional security guard. Each of our LEO agents holds the distinguished credential of being a state-certified Law Enforcement Officer, a testament to their rigorous training and dedication to the field. Their extensive expertise extends to conflict resolution and the art of de-escalating complex situations, which are vital skills in the realm of security and safety.

Furthermore, our agents are well-versed in the application of control tactics, offering comprehensive protection not only to your esteemed staff and friendly patrons but also to swiftly address any unwelcome guests should the need arise. Their competence in handling a diverse range of situations underscores their commitment to maintaining a secure and orderly environment.

At STAR & SHIELD, we prioritize a collaborative approach. Our agents actively engage with your management, forging a strong partnership aimed at meeting the unique safety requirements of your establishment. This dedicated teamwork ensures that the safety and comfort of your staff and guests are of paramount importance, ultimately contributing to a secure and inviting atmosphere.

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