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My name is Joseph Warnke and I founded STAR & SHIELD, INC. to truly protect the people of, and the visitors to, Chicago against threats to which they are currently vulnerable.

I have over 20 years experience protecting the city of Chicago in various capacities:

  • Chicago Police Department - Patrol

  • CPD - Gangs

  • CPD - Saturation Team

  • CPD - SWAT

  • CPD - Security Specialist (Protecting the Mayor of Chicago)

  • Chicago Fire Department - Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician

I have certifications and have been trained in:

  • State Department Dignitary Protection

  • Secret Service Diplomatic Protection

  • Terrorist Awareness and Response

  • Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

  • Close Quarters/Contact Distance Combat Pistol

  • Location and Threat Assessment

  • Patrol Rifle

  • SWAT Rifle Training

  • Emergency Incident Command

  • National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians


Merely being assigned to these units and positions was the beginning. Getting as much training as I could was the next step.  Currently, I've made it a point to not only train and educate myself in Terrorist Awareness, Threat Analysis, Location Assessment, Combat Pistol, Physical Control Tactics, SWAT tactics, Tactical EMS, and Executive/Dignitary Protection, but also bring those high level instructors, as well as other highly trained and highly motivated individuals such as myself, aboard STAR & SHIELD.

With STAR & SHIELD, it isn't about the illusion of safety; it's about working with your current security, staff, and management to GET SAFE, and to STAY SAFE.

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