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I am Joseph Warnke, the founder of STAR & SHIELD, INC. Our mission is to safeguard the residents and visitors of Chicago against the prevailing vulnerabilities they face.

Drawing from more than two decades of dedicated service, I have contributed significantly to the safety and security of the city of Chicago in various key roles:

- **Chicago Police Department - Patrol**
- **Chicago Police Department - Gang Team**
- **Chicago Police Department - Saturation Team**
- **Chicago Police Department - SWAT**
- **Chicago Police Department - Security Specialist**
- **Chicago Fire Department - Lieutenant/Emergency Medical Technician**

Furthermore, my commitment to excellence is reflected in my extensive certifications and training, which encompass:

- **State Department Dignitary Protection**
- **Secret Service Diplomatic Protection**
- **Terrorist Awareness and Response**
- **Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)**
- **Close Quarters/Contact Distance Combat Pistol**
- **Location and Threat Assessment**
- **Patrol Rifle**
- **SWAT Rifle Training**
- **Emergency Incident Command**
- **National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians**

My journey began with these appointments, but I recognized that continual learning and self-improvement were imperative. Consequently, I have invested considerable effort in further education, acquiring expertise in areas such as Terrorist Awareness, Threat Analysis, Location Assessment, Combat Pistol, Physical Control Tactics, SWAT tactics, Tactical EMS, and Executive/Dignitary Protection. Furthermore, I have extended my network to include esteemed instructors and highly motivated professionals who share my commitment to excellence, all of whom now form an integral part of STAR & SHIELD.

With STAR & SHIELD, our primary focus is not merely the facade of security; rather, we collaborate with your existing security infrastructure, personnel, and management to not only establish a secure environment but also ensure its continued safety and resilience. Our commitment is to "GET SAFE" and "STAY SAFE."

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