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C-CASS Agents

C-CASS Agents (Covert Counter Active Shooter Surveillance Agents) at STAR & SHIELD are a far cry from your run-of-the-mill security guards. Our stringent selection process focuses on recruiting active or retired Law Enforcement Officers with a highly specialized skill set, reflecting a commitment to raising the bar in safety and security. These agents are exceptional individuals, possessing extensive training in areas such as SWAT, SORT, Dignitary Protection, and Counter-Terrorism, making them uniquely qualified to prioritize the well-being of your patrons, guests, VIPs, and staff.

Our C-CASS Agents undergo rigorous training encompassing terrorist and active shooter recognition, surveillance, and mitigation strategies. They are well-versed in the legal aspects of using force, including deadly force, and demonstrate mastery in firearms handling and safety. Many of our agents also possess training in Tactical Emergency Medical Situations (TEMS), ensuring that they can respond effectively to medical emergencies in high-stress environments.

While these agents maintain a discreet presence, their effectiveness is unwavering. They seamlessly collaborate with your on-site security team to conduct guest and patron screenings upon arrival and throughout the event, maintaining constant communication with your security personnel to promptly address potential threats and ensure the safety of all in attendance.

Our C-CASS Agents provide comprehensive overwatch and security for your staff, and should they encounter any situation involving deadly force, they are prepared to respond with the appropriate legal use of force, ensuring that your security remains uncompromised and your event is safeguarded to the highest standards.

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