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C-CASS Agents (Covert Counter Active Shooter Surviellance Agents) are not your basic security guards.  STAR & SHIELD looks for active or retired Law Enforcement Officers who have a specific skill set: They are Highly Trianed (SWAT, SORT, Dignitary Protection, Counter Terrorism) and highly motivated individuals that will focus on your patron, guest, VIP, and staff safety.  These agents are trained in terrorist/active shooter recognition, surviellance, and mitigation, as well as legal use of force/deadly force, firearms handling and safety, and many are also trained in tactical emergency medical situations (TEMS).

These agents will be discrete but effective.  They will work hand in hand with your site security agents to scan guests and patrons upon arrival and throughout the event keeping constant contact with your security concerning potential threats.

Our agents will provide general overwatch and security for your staff and would engage any deadly force threat they encounter with the appropriate legal use of force.  

C-CASS Agents

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